3-Minute Thursday: Pandemic Stretching and Yoga

Your body is tired. You’ve been working so hard. Gyms and yoga studios are closed… as if you’d have the time to go to them even if they were open, right?!

But, that beautiful, strong body of yours needs to be loved if it is going to keep moving well for you.

As part of our #FitnessFriday on our Facebook page, we have posted some great stretches, so check some of those out if you have time!

Meanwhile, here are some simple stretches and quick yoga poses you can incorporate into your busy day, even if you’re doing them while talking to someone or when you’re grabbing food or right before you fall into bed at night.

These runner’s stretches are not just for runners! They are great for a quick, all encompassing stretch session that prepares you for a day of endurance!

Experiencing back pain after being on your feet all day? Try some of these wall stretches!

Need some stretching ideas for when you have a second to sit down? Try these!

Don’t have time for much, but need a little stretch in the morning? Sun Salutation to the rescue!

Want a few other poses that are recommended for every day use? Take a look at these!

We hope that during this time you are able to find a few moments of peace here and there to stop and stretch and help keep that tired body of yours in tip-top shape!



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