Day 10: 25 Days of NSHC Christmas

Day 10 of the 25 Days of NSHC Christmas answers another Frequently Asked Question and some information on Mindful Eating!

How does the NSHC conduct testing?

All testing is conducted online. The NSHC Testing Area is accessible 24/7 to those with current NSHC membership and current unencumbered professional license or credential. Complete details about testing are provided in NSHC’s Members Only area of its website.

Benefits of Mindful Eating

  • Dismisses rigid dieting rules. (No more calorie counting!)
  • Releases the need to label foods as “good/bad” (or labeling yourself as “good/bad”!)
  • Can complement other diet plans/programs
  • Eating becomes pleasurable and enjoyable again
  • Have more time to find other things in life to enjoy besides eating
  • Body resets to a healthy and stead weight. (No more “yo-yo” weight fluctuations!)
  • Freedom from self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors

How to Eat Mindfully

  • Notice your cravings
  • Sit down and minimize distractions with focus on present moment
  • Set a goal satisfaction BEFORE eating
  • Check portion sizes and use smaller serving-ware
  • Create several MindfulPauses before, during, and after eating
  • Be mindful of your hunger and fullness-level before, during, and after eating
  • Create your personal “I’m done” signal
  • Express “mindful attitudes” of self-compassion, non-judgment, kindness, patience, joy and gratitude


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