Day 15: 25 Days of NSHC Christmas

Day 15 of the 25 Days of NSHC Christmas focuses on some Patient/Client Engagement statistics from A Snapshot of People’s Engagement in Their Healthcare from the Center for Advancing Health (2010).

  • Most people experience difficulty in communicating with their health care providers, even though 30-40% report taking some steps to have a two-way dialogue.


  • 50% of Medicare patients appear poorly prepared for discussions with their doctors; 50% said they usually do not bring a list of questions to go over


  • One in four chronically ill people, age 50 and older, do not comply with the doctor’s recommendations. Common omissions included: filling prescriptions, making a follow-up appointment and making a lifestyle change


  • 75% of adults said they were confident that their medications were effective


  • One in three adults says they don’t compare their medicine from the pharmacy with the doctor’s order


All of these statistics point to a need for improved communication between patients and their provider. Our health coaching certification program provides the necessary training to create the communication changes that will change lives!

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