Day 17: 25 Days of NSHC Christmas

Day 17 of the 25 Days of NSHC Christmas includes the answer to two FAQs and gives you some tips on setting SMARTA goals!


What if I lose my earned certificates?

Current NSHC members may log in to the website to view/print earned grades and certificates.

Non-members may purchase a reprint ($5 per certificate) by emailing (Conditions apply)


What are NSHC Member Benefits?

(Applicable to Current NSHC Members)

  • Exclusive Member Email Listserv for professional networking with NSHC health coaches across the U.S. and abroad (No profiles to complete!)
  • FREE NSHC Education and Live Practice Webinars
  • Inclusion in NSHC’s CHC Member Registry (Conditions apply)
  • Personal support via phone & email (Complimentary)
  • Articles, health coaching forms and tools
  • Special discounts on webinars and health coaching resources
  • Access to grades and earned certificates for reprinting after login

Setting Goals: The Six Criteria

  1. S – Specific
    • State exactly what the client wants to achieve
  2. M – Measurable
    • Gauge what is accomplished
  3. A – Agreed upon
    • Confirm the client’s willingness and ability to work toward the goal(s)
  4. R – Realistic and safe
    • Guide client to select goals that are safe and obtainable give his/her health and condition
  5. T – Time sensitive
    • Establish a reasonable and specific time-frame to have reached the goal
  6. A – Accountable
    • Discuss the roles and responsibilities of both the provider and the client in achieving each goal

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