Day 20: 25 Days of NSHC Christmas

Day 20 of the 25 Days of NSHC Christmas includes the answer to a FAQ about NSHC’s CoachClinic and offers information on the Four Guiding Principles of MI!

What is a NSHC CoachClinic®?

The NSHC’s private onsite CoachClinic® is a daylong event provided specifically for an organization at their selected venue for its staff and invited guests. This highly interactive clinic is generally used to jumpstart the understanding and use of motivational interviewing within the patient/client engagement and the implementation of evidence-based health coaching by healthcare providers. The day is highlighted by guidance from the NSHC Lead Coaches in self-assessments, group discussion and hours of practice devoted to attendees developing their health coaching and motivational interviewing skills!

Four Guiding Principles of MI

  1. (R) Resist the “Righting Reflex”
    • It’s human nature to resist persuasion
    • Health care professionals want to “fix” people
    • If health care professionals make corrections to current behaviors, the client will resist more (“righting reflex”)
  2. (U) Understand and explore the client’s motivation
    • Assess the values, beliefs and concerns of the client to understand his/her decision-making process
    • The more change is talked about, the more likely change is to take place
  3. (L) Listen
    • Use special listening skills so you can “hear” the client’s real issues
  4. (E) Empower the client
    • Actively engage the client
    • Don’t assume!
    • Ask permission to supply information

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