Day 21: 25 Days of NSHC Christmas

Day 21 of the 25 Days of NSHC Christmas includes the answer to a FAQ and gives you some tips developing, modifying or maintaining your Communicator Style!

If I attend a CoachClinic®, will I become a certified health coach at the end of the day?

No, it isn’t possible to cover all of the program materials in one day that are necessary in order to test. An onsite CoachClinic® gives you the advantage of having NSHC’s Lead Coaches guide you in live practice of evidence-based health coaching skills and strategies.

Communicator Styles – Behaviors to Modify, Develop or Maintain

Communicator Style Behavior Modification, Development and Maintaining

RelaterResistance to see new opportunitiesGoal setting skillsEmpathetic nature
Need to be involved and personally belong Ability to changeJoy of teamwork
Avoidance of risksEfficiencyCounseling skills
Relationship bulding
SocializerNeed for approval Staying focusedEmpathetic nature
Tendency to dreamGetting organizedPositive attitude
Jumping from one activity to anotherSticking to the agendaEnthusiasm
ThinkerFocus on weaknessEmpathyNeed to understand the process
Need for perfectionPositive reinforcementGood problem-solving skills
Recognition of strengthsLogical thinking skills
DirectorNeed to controlListening skillsStriving for results
Low tolerance of other's feelingsEmpathyLiking changes
SupportSeeking facts/highlights
Positive reinforcement

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