Day 23: 25 Days of NSHC Christmas

Day 23 of the 25 Days of NSHC Christmas includes the answer to a FAQ and gives you the NSHC Standards of Practice!

How do I schedule a CoachClinic® for my organization?

Email us at:  to schedule a call to discuss details.  General information can be found by clicking the CoachClinic® tab on the menu bar.

NSHC Standards of Practice

NSHC Certified Health Coach:

  1. Maintains current, unencumbered NSHC certification in order to call oneself an NSHC Certified Health Coach. *Note: “Current, valid certification” includes a passing grade on one’s initial certification or recertification examination, there is no breach of the NSHC code of ethics and/or standards of practice, and one’s professional license is unencumbered and current with the issuing body and in NSHC’s database.
  2. Ongoing studies to continually apply and advances the practice of evidenced-based health coaching within the healthcare community.
  3. Stays abreast of new or changing evidence-based health coaching knowledge and skills.
  4. Collaborates with other health care professionals to promote evidence-based health coaching at the community, national and international levels.
  5. Accepts full responsibility for one’s own health coaching practice.
  6. Recommends the resources or expertise of another healthcare professional when deemed necessary either by self or client.
  7. Offers an agreement or contract for services to the client if remuneration is part of the coaching relationship. The agreement or contract should describe the services to be rendered and outline remuneration for same.
  8. Uses evidence-based practice interventions when integrating health teaching into the health coaching session.
  9. Guides the client to set realistic, safe, obtainable goals.
  10. Takes opportunities to collect health coaching outcomes data for aggregation, trending, and application.Note: The NSHC may hold its members accountable for a breach of any part of its Ethics and/or Standards of Practice and may impose sanctions including, but not limited to withdrawing one’s membership or imposing a loss of NSHC credentials.

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