Day 7: 25 Days of NSHC Christmas

Day 7 of the 25 Days of NSHC Christmas answers another Frequently Asked Question and gives you a tool for determining the readiness of your client to quit smoking!

How long does it take to complete the program?

Keep in mind that NHSC’s program is designed for independent self-study, and that individuals taking our program vary widely in reading speeds, learning styles and comprehension. It is estimated that it takes a minimum of 70 hours to complete the self-study, including the online resources.

Assess Readiness to Quit Smoking

  • If your client IS NOT ready:
    • Explore ambivalence and/or fears related to quitting
    • Pinpoint and jointly address barriers to quitting
    • Identify and discuss individual co-behaviors related to smoking
    • Don’t take the client’s lack of readiness personally. The client is the true change agent
  • If your client IS ready:
    • Verify that your client is truly ready to quit completely
    • Jointly set a realistic quit date
    • Identify smoking co-behaviors
    • Build the support team; family, friends, and counselor or others
    • Guide the client to develop his or her personal plan to quit

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