Everything You Need to Know About Earning Your Evidence-Based Health Coaching Certification


If you’re looking for additional tools to add to your practitioner toolbelt or new ways to go above and beyond for your patients to improve their outcomes, you’ve come to the right place!

Evidence-Based Health Coaching certifications are extremely valuable for practitioners like you. This blog will give you a basic overview of what Evidence-Based Health Coaching really is (and how it differs from other types of Health Coaching), who is eligible for this type of Certification, and how this Certification can be earned in as few as 3 weeks.

So, if you’re ready for a life and career-changing journey, please keep reading!

Why Evidence-Based Health Coaching?

To put it simply, as a Certified Health Coach, you will have the satisfaction of being the rock-solid support system every patient needs and deserves as they work through the stages of behavior change! Not all heroes wear capes, after all!

While traditional patient care often involves a significant amount of talking “at” a patient while attempting to educate them on their condition, treatment plan, and desired/necessary behavior change, Evidence-Based Health Coaching allows you to partner with the patient and take a “we” approach to help guide their behavior change in a positive, supportive way. 

As a Health Coach, you will help your patients set achievable goals, engage them along the way, and guide them as they experience the highs and lows of the behavior change process. This partnership is what sets Health Coaches apart and offers such a life-changing experience for patients.

The best part is, with this new approach you will achieve better outcomes for your patients than with traditional methods! Patient-based statistics show the outcome improvement, but there is also improved ROI for organizations who employ Health Coaches like you, partially based on the decreases in claims costs. So, it really is a win-win-win for your patients, you as a Certified Health Coach, and your organization!

Who can earn an Evidence-Based Health Coaching Certification?

Because it seems that anyone and everyone can be a ‘Coach’ of some form these days, it is important to recognize the distinction of Evidence-Based Health Coaching, specifically. Because an Evidence-Based Health Coaching Certificate can really set you apart from the rest!

This practice, grounded by significant, peer-reviewed research, should be conducted only by licensed or credentialed health care professionals who have the clinical education and training to safely guide patients through behavior change.* 

This non-traditional approach to patient care is wellness-focused and patient-driven, which is why your clinical knowledge and experience is not only ideal, but necessary!

Full Health Coach Certification is available for health care professionals like you who hold one of a large variety of active, unencumbered credentials including, but not limited to: 


  • License Alcohol & Drug Counselor
  • Board Certified Behavioral Analyst
  • Certified Nutrition Specialist
  • Certified Acupuncturist
  • Hospital Corpsman
  • Licensed Chiropractor
  • License Doctor of Optometry
  • Licensed Medical Doctor
  • Licensed Dentist
  • Licensed Pharmacist
  • Licensed Psychologist
  • Licensed Veterinarian
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Registered Nurse, and many more!


If you are interested in Evidence-Based Health Coaching and know it would be a benefit to your skill set, but you do not currently hold one of the required credentials for full Health Coach Certification, there are also Certificate of Completion options available!

How to choose a Health Coaching Certification Program?

There are a variety of Health Coaching Certification programs available to you, so make sure you findthe program that is the right fit for you

While searching, here are a few questions to consider that can help you narrow your options:


  • Is the program Evidence-Based?
  • Is the program developed by Healthcare professionals for Healthcare professionals?
  • Do my credentials meet the requirements for the program?
  • What is the program cost and what is my budget?
  • What is the reputation and credibility of the program/organization?
  • What are the reviews like from those who have completed the program?
  • What type of healthcare facility or organization do I want to work in after earning my certification?


This final question is possibly the most important when deciding which Health Coach Certification program you will choose, but it is also one of the questions that is often not even considered. 

Certain programs focus more on wellness centers and/or employee health. But, if you are wanting to work with a wide variety of patients, who may have chronic or high-risk conditions, it will be important for you to earn your Certification through a program that can guide you through that level of education to receive the necessary level of training to handle the patient scenarios that can occur with medium to high-risk patients. 

So, think about your career path, where you want to work, and who you want to work with as you make your program decision.

The National Society of Health Coaches (NSHC) offers an Evidence-Based Health Coach Certification program that was developed by nurses, specifically for nurses and other Healthcare professionals! 

If this sounds like the right fit for you, then click here to learn more about NSHC’s self-paced certification program.

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