Evidence-Based Health Coaching versus Traditional Provider Response Quiz

So, you’ve heard about Evidence-Based Health Coaching and you’ve learned a little about Active Listening, Motivational Interviewing and “Partnering” with your patients. But, could you identify an Evidence-Based Health Coaching response versus a Traditional Provider Response? Let’s see if you can!


Patient Statement #1: “I know I shouldn’t eat salty foods, but I can’t live without bacon!

  1. “You know you shouldn’t eat bacon, but it’s hard to give up what you like. Tell me what you think might work for you.”
  2. “Bacon is one of the worst offenders! You know your blood pressure will be a problem if you don’t cut out salt.


Patient Statement #2: “I will never be able to raise my arm above my head!”

  1. “Don’t worry! We’ll give you different types of exercises that will improve your strength. Slowly, but surely, you’ll be able to do it!”
  2. “Tell me why you feel this way.”


Patient Statement #3: “I don’t think I can give myself a shot…”

  1. “You don’t think you can give yourself a shot now. What is bothering you most about this?”
  2. “Most people are nervous at first, but you’ll do just fine! I’ll help you through it!”


Answer Key: #1 – 1, #2 -2, #3-1


Being able to identify which response is the Evidence-Based Health Coaching response versus the Traditional Provider Response allows you to see the difference in the two approaches. Evidence-Based Health Coaching asks probing questions to learn the real objections, fears, and challenges patient’s have so that you can work through them together and encourage successful behavioral changes.




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