Health Coach Business Start-Up Series: Traditional Marketing

Now that you have started creating your marketing plan, we will dig into the different marketing and advertising channels over the next couple of days so that you can figure out which channels would be most effective for your target customer!

Today we are going to look at Traditional Marketing!

Traditional Marketing includes four major categories, which break down into numerous specific outlets:

  • Print
    • Newspapers
    • Magazines
    • Billboards
  • Broadcast
    • Radio
    • Television
  • Direct Mail
    • Postcards, Letters, Catalogs etc.
  • Telemarketing
    • Cold Calling

What I can immediately tell you is that you can basically cross off the fourth category (Telemarketing). This will not be an effective method for your business and it’s a method that should basically be eliminated for all businesses. People hate it!

You will want to focus on the top-3 categories. The main thing to remember no matter what category you are considering, is to obtain their rates, their demographics, and their circulation or reach information. Without these three items, you have no hope of determining if whatever channel you have chosen will work for you.

For print, newspapers are becoming obsolete as well. Many places do not even have a daily any longer. However, if you have a weekly Health section in your paper or a specialized paper in your area it may be worth pursuing. For magazines, national magazines probably will not be your focus, but local, specialized magazines might work well for you. Billboards can often be a good option, especially for brick-and-mortar businesses. There may be multiple billboard companies in your area, so make sure to speak with all of them rather than picking just one so that you know all of your options.

For broadcast, you have radio and television. These can be treated very similarly except you will most likely notice a higher price point with television. Like billboard companies, there will be several options for radio and television in your area. This is why getting demographic information is so critical, because you will want to put your money where it will be most effective. For a local business like yours, consider using yourself or an employee’s voice in the radio ad so that clients can connect with someone. You can use the same approach with television and use yourself and/or your office for the commercial. If ads are too expensive for your budget, consider asking the radio and television reps about sponsorship opportunities that may be more cost effective.

Direct Mail can still be an effective avenue for marketing despite people getting a fair amount of “junk mail” on a regular basis. The key is making your mailers stand out, potentially having a good offer clearly visible on the mailer, and making sure you are reaching out to the right physical locations in your area so that you are reaching your target market. The USPS has a quality direct mail program called Every Door Direct Mail that can be a starting point, or you can reach out to local print shops, such as Allegra Printing, and work with them to buy a list of addresses that fit your desired demographics.

Now that you have the basics of traditional marketing, tomorrow we will discuss digital marketing!

In the meantime, if you would like more information on last week’s topics or marketing, check out our new Start-Up Resource Guide!


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