Health Coaching Business Start-Up E-Book – Available Now!

We at the National Society of Health Coaches are excited to announce our brand new e-book! Health Coaching Business Start-Up is now available through Smashwords and will be available on our website soon!

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What will this e-book teach you? Take a look at the Introduction below:



Starting a new business can be stressful, challenging, exciting and exhilarating – and sometimes it’s difficult to know where to begin and what is required. Miller & Huffman, in understanding the challenges by having started a few businesses of their own, have compiled this streamlined, step-by-step resource guide for licensed/credentialed healthcare clinicians and practitioners interested in starting their own independent health coaching business.

This resource guide is provided in a format of sequenced tasks upon which to build the infrastructure and platform of your health coaching business. Prior to coaching your first client, you’ll have the need-to-know information that guides you How To:

  • Set up and register your business
  • Obtain Tax ID numbers
  • Obtain a business license
  • Understand the legalities and locate existing regulations
  • Purchase business insurance
  • Optimize Internet searches related to your business needs
  • Review Internet search results efficiently
  • Determine the resources needed to market and sell your health coaching service, and much more!

This building-block approach to task completion can increase the likelihood of business success by ensuring the necessities have been addressed to support and protect both you and your business, allowing your valuable time going forward to be spent building your clientele and providing health coaching services!

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