Health Coaching Business Start-Up Series: Brainstorming Business Ideas

So, you want to start a business! (or, maybe you want to improve on your current business)

This is an exciting, and potentially overwhelming, endeavor, but the good news is we can offer you some tips in today’s blog to get you started! Then the rest of this series will continue to give you more ideas as you work through the start-up process and our new resource guide for start-ups can provide even more information to help!

Now that you’ve settled on starting a business, the first question you need to ask yourself is who you want to coach and why. This particular answer will guide you in developing the rest of the business concept. Different demographics for different patients and coaching focuses will determine your method of coaching, whether you will need a brick and mortar location, whether you can handle things on your own or whether there should be multiple providers. All of these things will be important to think through after you answer that first critical question.

Once you have developed these next concepts for your start-up, you will need to consider the business costs. The estimated cost may force you to make some changes to the original concept before it can be finalized. Make sure you include the cost of registering your business as well as an estimated marketing budget.

The best way to fully develop your business idea and estimate these costs is to create a business plan. How do you do that? Come back for tomorrow’s blog post!

Big Tip of the Day: When naming your business, in addition to making sure the name is not already trademarked, make sure you check for an available .com domain name, as well as social media account name availability. You don’t want to have to start the entire process over again if you discover the name has already been taken!


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