Health Coaching Legalities: Let’s Talk Insurance

*This blog discussion is intended for educational purposes only and should not take the place of or supersede the advice of an attorney or legal counsel*


Now that you know the basics of the legalities you can face as a Health Coach, no matter how or where you’re practicing, let’s talk about insurance.

Professional Liability Insurance, or Professional Indemnity Insurance (aka E&O or Errors and Omissions Insurance) is essentially a must have for any type of health coach. This is the insurance that will help protect you from the liabilities we discussed yesterday. It covers lawsuits claiming your work was inadequate, that a mistake was made resulting in harm or injury, negligence, or errors made during the provision of your services. This is the type of insurance that can potentially cover your court costs or settlements.

It is important to note that some companies specifically sell health coaching liability insurance, or you may see general Business Insurance, but you need to make sure you read everything thoroughly. While an E&O policy should be sufficient, you need to make sure it is the best policy for you. Do not just buy because of the title of the policy. Make sure your policy fits your services and whether you are a licensed clinician or not and that credentials are specifically identified within the policy as well as the types of services you provide.

A second type of insurance you may want to consider is Cyber Liability Insurance. If you are collecting any type of data from your patients in any way and there is a breach of cyber security for your business, you may face significant costs to rectify the problem and insure it does not happen again.

So, where do Telephonic and Virtual coaching fall in all of this? We will discuss that in tomorrow’s blog!


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