Health Coaching Legalities: Payment & Billing

*This blog discussion is intended for educational purposes only and should not take the place of or supersede the advice of an attorney or legal counsel*

Whether you offer your services through an employer or you are an independent health coach, there are some important things to remember when you are accepting payment or setting up billing practices for your services.

For Employers of Coaches and Owners of Coaching Services:

  • Hospitals/Clinics – Coaching is integrated into assessments and interventions. Thus, it becomes part of the DRG reimbursement, similar to patient education. Coaching can also easily be integrated into other education, such as diabetes education, which is reimbursed separately by the payer according to a special contracted services agreement
  • Insurance companies have health coaching as part of its member services and is not generally charged separately, like the health coaching example given earlier
  • Health coaching services that are contracted outside the employer’s health insurance – These services often pinpoint certain diagnoses such as Diabetes or COPD. A company provides these services to their employees usually as a benefit or incentive

For Independent Practice:

  • Complimentary: Some provide their services gratis….
  • Most charge cash according to what your regional or local market will bear. (A fairly solid benchmark to use is determining the cost of living where your clients reside)
  • Health coaching is not currently billable to third-party payers. Check with the individual payer.

Whew! we’re getting to the end of this blog series and we’ve saved two very important topics for last! Tomorrow we will look at disclaimers and Friday we will dig into contracts as we wrap up this Health Coaching Legalities blog series!

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