Health Coaching Legalities: Physical Activity & Exercise

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When patients come to us for help losing weight, physical activity and exercise is often a big part of what the patient needs. But, what are we able to legally provide guidance on? Just like diet and nutrition, this area can be tricky for health coaches. Thankfully, it’s not quite as difficult to navigate as the former.

The first, more important guideline is that you need to have a policy in place that any patient/client with any chronic condition, health conditions or moderate to high risk have approval from their physician before starting a program of physical activity or exercise. Honestly, this could potentially be a solid policy to have in place for all health adults since you, or they, may be unaware of underlying health conditions.

Once you have the Physician’s approval? What do you do with it?

Again, thankfully, there are guidelines available for physical activity. Our program includes guidelines from the company MyFitScript. This organization has put together general activity guidelines developed by an ACSM certified exercise physiologist and certified health coach, as seen on CBS Health Watch. You can contact us or MyFitScript at for more information.

Aside from those types of guidelines, you can work to develop relationships with people who have an expertise in exercise prescription. This will help give you confidence to offer safe, effective guidance for your patients once you have obtained their physician’s approval.

Now that you know the specifics about diet, nutrition, physical activity, and exercise, how do you take payment and set up billing procedures for your services? We will discuss this in tomorrow’s blog!

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