Health vs. Wellness Coaching: Agenda & Goal Setting

Once the patient’s motivators have been discovered, it is time to start setting some goals!

Let the patient set the agenda with your help, so that they do not become overwhelmed or anxious. Give them a list of topics you need to discuss, but let them choose the order in which they are discussed.

Then, you can work together to set SMARTA Goals:

S – Specific – State exactly what the client wants to achieve

M – Measurable – Gauge what is accomplished

A – Agreed Upon – Confirm the patient’s willingness and ability to work toward the goal(s)

R – Realistic – Guide client to select goals that are safe and obtainable give his/her health and condition

T – Time-Sensitive – Establish a reasonable and specific time-frame to have reached the goal

A – Accountable – Create an “agreement” and make it officially so there is accountability


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