Health vs. Wellness Coaching: Facilitating Behavior Change

Now that we have looked at several of the core competencies of health coaching, let’s dig into the stages of change to help understand how to identify change readiness in patients.

There are six stages of change (Prochaska & DiClemente) and the state of the client in those stages:

  1. Pre-Contemplation
    • Unaware of the need for change
    • Not acknowledging there is a problem
    • Not interested in help
  2. Contemplation
    • Recognizes there is a problem, but isn’t ready to make a change
    • Aware of consequences related to “bad habit” behaviors
  3. Preparation/Determination
    • Getting ready to change
    • States commitment to change
  4. Action
    • Believes in ability to change
    • Performs/implements change behaviors
    • Activity involved
  5. Maintenance
    • Sustains or preserves change actions
    • Recognizes progress made
    • Change is part of “life routines”
  6. Relapse
    • Abandons new habits
    • Feels discouraged about relapse
    • Sees self as a failure

The first step is identifying which stage the patient is in, the second step is determining how you can move them towards readiness and progress no matter which stage they’re in!

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