Healthy New Year


As 2021 comes to a close and many are beginning to focus on what 2022 will bring, it is important to celebrate New Year’s Eve safely and set your sights on a Healthy New Year!

New Year’s Traditions from Around the World

  • Spain – eating grapes for good luck! (definitely a healthy and fun tradition!)
  • Brazil – offering white flowers to the water deity Yemoja
  • Italy – wearing red underwear (red is a symbol of fertility!)
  • Greece – Hanging onions, a symbol of rebirth, by the door
  • Scotland – the first footing, where the first person who crosses the threshold should be a dark-haired male and they often bring gifts of whiskey, shortbread, salt or coal
  • Japan – eating a hearty bowl of year-crossing soba noddles, called toshikoshi soba
  • Russia – writing wishes on a piece of paper, burning them with a candle, and drinking the ashes with champagne
  • South Africa – throw old furniture or appliances out the window (which has created a few safety hazards for pedestrians below)

Celebrating safely!

  • Toast virtually! Virtual celebrations have been an alternative for many holidays during the pandemic and that New Year’s Eve toast is no exception!
  • Celebrate around your backyard firepit! Bring blankets to keep you warm, drink hot chocolate or another warm beverage, and write down your hopes for the New Year and then toss them into the fire
  • Plan a game night or a movie marathon! Rumor has it, if you start Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers at 21:13:19, Theoden can ring in your New Year with his infamous “so it begins” line
  • Take your noisemakers, fireworks, or pots and pans outdoors! Reach out to neighbors ahead of time and see if they’d like to join in so you can celebrate with everyone while social distancing outside

Make some Healthy New Years Treats!

Taste of Home offers a nice list of options including: a healthier fruit pizza, blackberry frozen yogurt, walnut and fig goat cheese log, glazed chocolate angel food cake, and several dips and drinks!

Keep Your Resolution!

We all set out with good intentions, but by February most resolutions have gone out the window. Here are some ideas from Very Well Mind on how to keep those resolutions!

  • Limit your resolutions – if you do too many you’ll be easily overwhelmed
  • Create a SMART goal! – make it specific and measurable to help keep you on track
  • Plan it out! – Do some pre-New Years work to make sure you’re prepared for the necessary changes once it’s 2022
  • Baby steps – start slow and work your way up! It takes time to make new habits and major changes can lead to burnout or other challenges
  • Have a support system – work with friends and family members who are also wanting to make changes! Check in with each other and share your gains and your challenges!
  • Change is a process – it’s a marathon, not a sprint! So, prepare yourself accordingly!

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