Mindful Eating Part 1: The Benefits of Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating, or the purposeful attention you give to your hunger and satiety cues, is an effective tool for weight management. How else can it benefit you? Take a look!

  • No more rigid dieting rules! No more calorie counting!
  • No more good/bad feelings about certain foods or yourself for eating those foods!
  • This practice fits well with other diet plans/programs and once in the maintenance stage, mindfulness can help you maintain long-term, healthy weight
  • You will be able to enjoy eating again! Mindfulness helps you build a healthier relationship between your mind and body and your food
  • You will have more time to enjoy other things in life besides eating
  • No more “yo-yo” weight fluctuations! Your body will be willing and able to maintain a healthy, steady weight
  • You will be free of self-sabotaging behaviors and thoughts

Now that you know the benefits, who wouldn’t want to eat mindfully?

Next week we will tell you how to eat mindfully!



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