New Year, New Goals: Benefits to Becoming a Health Coach

Have you been thinking about what you want to accomplish since reading the first blog in this series? Hopefully you have! If you are considering the idea of becoming a health coach or if you have set your mind to it, please read-on!

Today, we will consider the benefits of becoming a health coach. But first, let’s look at the definition of Evidence-Based Health Coaching:

“The National Society of Health Coaches describes Evidence-Based Health Coaching (EBHC)® as the use of evidence-based skillfull conversation, clinical strategies and interventions to actively and safely engage clients in health behavior change to better self-manage their health, health risk, and acute and chronic conditions resulting in optimal wellness, lowered health risk, improved health outcomes and decreased health costs.” (

Simply put, a health coach creates a 50/50 partnership with patients to help them effectively make behavioral changes in order to live a healthier life. Where most medical professionals have more of a teacher/student relationship with patients, health coaching allows you to work with your patients, rather than talking at them. Research shows this approach is more effective in encouraging and supporting behavioral changes in patients.

Beyond the benefits to patients, health coaches offer a unique set of skills that can benefit employers (especially since a clinical license is not a requirement for entry into the NSHC program), or it can be used by individuals to start their own health coaching business.

Now, please keep in mind that health coaching is not the same as wellness coaching. Take a look at the video below for more information.

For tomorrow’s blog, we will focus on health coaching using telehealth!

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