New Year, New Goals: Health Coaching & Telehealth

While health coaching has included options for telehealth, and our program has always encouraged it, the concept is more important now than ever. Due to COVID-19, people are less inclined to visit their Doctor for routine visits out of fear of contracting the virus. We can then assume that helping keep them on track with behavioral changes will be nearly impossible. However, implementing telehealth makes this not only possible, but even more convenient for the patient who can have regular visits without every leaving their home!

According to our previous research, telehealth saw increased timeliness with appointments, more frequent visits, and improved adherence to medication AND treatment plans! And, that was pre-COVID! Can you imagine how excited patients will be about a telehealth option now?!

So, what are the keys to successful telehealth? Take a look!

  • Clearly structure your call. If patients feel like you’re just trying to fill an entire appointment with chit-chat, they may get frustrated. Have an agenda and get down to business. This allows for shorter appointment times, which patients will appreciate!
  • Don’t try and accomplish too much in one setting. Because of the convenience of this offering, you should encourage more, shorter appointments, rather than less, longer ones.
  • Listen, Listen, Listen! Because of the audio quality and the ease of getting distracted, stay in a distraction-free environment, turn your volume up and minimize background noise. Focus solely on your patient and make sure you are listening to their concerns fully, especially with so many people struggling to stay home during the pandemic. Patients may just be thankful for an attentive ear
  • Incorporate outcome measures to validate your program’s impact! From a business standpoint, you want to know this is successful, so make sure you are tracking metrics to determine your ROI!

How do you implement telehealth? How do you start your own health coaching business? Be sure to take a look at tomorrow’s blog! In the meantime, feel free to take a look at our recent Start-Up focused blog!

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