New Year, New Goals: How Do You Start a Health Coaching Business?

Maybe you made your mind up before 2021 that you are going to be a health coach and start your own business. Maybe you have just seen one of our blogs from this week and now you’re considering the idea. Maybe your boss wants to expand service offerings and this is what you stumbled upon. Maybe your situation is entirely different!

The bottom line is, it doesn’t matter what led you to this blog. What matters is, you’re about to embark on a wealth of information that can help your patients change their lives, that will help you do something you enjoy, and give you a solid income or increase revenue for your company!

First, I want you to go back and read our recent start-up blog series that talks about creating your business plan, marketing, and more.

Next, I want you to have a solid plan in mind of what you want to do and how you would want to do it.

Then, I want you to read the next several blogs we will post over the next week or so to learn the in’s and out’s of the legalities of this process. From liability, to contracts, to billing, we will cover several in-depth topics to give you as much information as we can to help you on this journey! If you have specific questions, don’t hesitate to comment on this blog or on our social media posts so we can help with your specific needs!

Make sure you grab paper and a pen or have your computer ready, you’ll definitely need to take some notes on this!

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