NSHC Thanksgiving: About Health Coaching & One Reason We’re Thankful

Health Coaching vs. Wellness Coaching

Do you know the difference? 

One Reason We’re Thankful (well, three!)…

Our clients are happy and successful <3 See what they have to say about our program!


“This certification means as much to me as passing my nursing boards.  It has been the most meaningful & valuable training offered by my employer in the 10 years I have worked at my company!”

Melissa J Gomez , RN, Accordant, CVS Caremark.

“I have attended so many conferences and seminars in my 22 years of nursing, none has been so personally enriching as the Coach Clinic! Very effective! This methodology should be taught in Nursing Schools! Thank you for the great experience!”

Cherry Zablan, RN, NY, NY.


“NSHC’s health coach certification establishes the pillars for exploring all the benefits of health coaching for both HCPs and patients. It’s extremely relevant to my practice!”

Marc Thoma, MD, AstraZeneca, Belgium.

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