Our New Normal: Battling Cabin Fever

We have talked specifically about how to overcome the work-at-home blues, but the really rough part of this pandemic is the always-at-home blues… also known as, cabin fever!

You may have signs of “cabin fever” without even realizing it, and, although it’s not a recognized psychological disorder, it can be quite damaging.

What are those signs? Let’s take a look…

According to an article on Healthline.com from earlier this year, the signs of cabin fever include:

  • restlessness
  • decreased motivation
  • irritability
  • hopelessness
  • difficulty concentrating
  • irregular sleep patterns
  • difficulty waking up
  • lethargy
  • distrust of people around you
  • lack of patience
  • persistent sadness or depression

Sound familiar?? If it does, here are somethings you can do can do to feel better!

  • Set a schedule for yourself! Remember that schedule we talked about to make your work day more productive? Well, that schedule helps your overall mental health and wellbeing! Keeping your body on a normal routine helps keep everything balanced, plus if you put some of these other suggestions into that schedule it will help give you accountability!
  • Spend time outdoors. Go for a walk around your neighborhood, sit on the porch when you drink your morning coffee, chat up your neighbor (while staying a safe distance away, of course!). You can also just open your windows, buy fresh flowers, or grow some herbs on your windowsill to give you more of an outdoorsy experience from inside.
  • Be social! No, that doesn’t mean going to a local hangout or meeting up for drinks with your friends, but that doesn’t mean you can’t set up a streaming movie night or just a group chat online to catch up while actually seeing one another!
  • Get creative! Scrapbook, cross-stitch, join an online dance or yoga class, learn a new language or instrument, the possibilities are endless! You might find your new favorite hobby or rekindle your love for an old one, either way you’re fighting back against cabin fever in an awesome way!
  • Break. A. Sweat. We know exercise releases endorphins, so get up and get moving! There are so many online exercise resources if you’re not sure where to start or just go for a jog or dance while cleaning your house!
  • Relax and have some “me” time. You might say “I have WAY too much ‘me’ time right now”, but are you really having quality “me” time or are you just netflix and chilling with yourself? Take a bath, do some breathing exercises, practice mindfulness… spend some time every day focusing on yourself and your wellbeing. You deserve it!

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