Our New Normal: Pandemic Exercise

So, you like to go to the gym on a daily basis. Maybe your gym is still closed, maybe it’s open but you’re skeptical of the safety precautions. Maybe you don’t go to the gym because you prefer to play basketball or soccer with your co-ed team twice a week. Maybe you have a group of friends who love to run together every other day. Now, COVID has made all of these activities much more difficult, if not impossible.

How do we stay fit? We know we could use the endorphins!

HealthQuest.org recently published an article about how essential exercise is during this crazy time. We have talked about the health benefits previously during this blog series, but the question remains… how?!

Here are some pandemic exercise ideas for you!

  • Exercise with your family and make it fun! Have a dance party in the living room, go for a bike ride, walk the dogs, or challenge them to a backyard soccer game!
  • Get outdoors, even if it means going solo! Make sure you are safe, of course. But, don’t hesitate to go jogging or rollerblading or hike! Even just a few minutes of outdoor exercise each day can do wonders for your health!
  • Get online! Thanks to our virtual pandemic world, there are more online exercise opportunities available now than ever before! There are limitless free options, in addition to paid programs. Try out some new activities, see what suits you, and break a sweat in your living room!
  • Take a virtual class! Does your neighborhood yoga studio offer virtual sessions currently? We bet they do! Join one and somewhat get back to your normal routine by doing the exercises you love in the comfort of your own home.
  • Challenge yourself! If you set exercise goals and you add time for these activities into your daily schedule, you can push yourself to stay consistent and effective with your exercise!
  • Do some calorie burning chores! Mow the lawn, wash the car, clean out the attic! Do anything you can to tackle those chores you’ve been putting off that will allow you to break a sweat while doing them!

Exercise boosts your immune system, helps prevent pandemic weight gain, reduces stress and anxiety, and improves sleep! Come out of COVID healthier than ever before!

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