Our New Normal: The Effects of Sitting for Long Periods

As we look at the struggles of working from home, one issue many people did not expect to encounter is sitting more than normal. Most people, even working in an office setting, have to get up and move on a fairly regular basis. Whereas when working from home, people are sitting still for longer periods of time.

This is a BIG problem. Why? Let’s list some of the reasons, according to VeryWellFit.com (2019)…

  • Sitting causes a raises risk for Type II Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, and early death, with a higher risk of diabetes specifically for women.
    • Even a two minute walk can help your insulin response significantly!
  • Sitting slows your metabolism. So, if you take a two minute stroll to the fridge for snacks, you’re theoretically helping to keep that metabolism going! 🙂
  • Prolonged screen time has long term, scary health risks
    • Two hours of screen time per day comes with an increased risk of heart attack
    • Four hours of screen time per day increases your risk of death by any cause by 50%!

So, how do we counteract this while being productive and effective at-home employees? Here’s a few ideas!

  • Wear a pedometer (or a FitBit) and set a steps goal! Walk around your home while talking to clients on the phone, put a treadmill by the desk (or get a treadmill desk!) and walk while attending Zoom meetings if you can stay focused, or schedule short walks in your work day so you make sure you are moving regularly!
  • Set screen alerts – There are several apps and computer programs that allow you to set reminders to get up and get moving on a regular basis!
  • Stretch! Even if you can’t get up and walk at a certain time, set reminders to stretch at the very least! Take a look at our recent blog to see some great stretches that are easy to do at your desk or near it.

Stay healthy! Stay happy!


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