Self-Care for Practitioners: Celebrate Yourself


The American Psychological Association (APA) offered insight into five science-based strategies to manage stress, specifically for healthcare professionals due to the demands on those professionals throughout the pandemic. The fifth strategy is “Celebrate Yourself”.

APA Recommendations

The APA suggests working to focus on the positives, starting by thinking about three things that went well each day and thanking anyone who was involved in those successes. Don’t forget to thank yourself for your own successes! You work hard and should be celebrated, even if you’re the only one taking a few minutes to do so.

Positive Organizational Psychology Definition uses Donaldson & Ko’s (2020) definition of Positive Organizational Psychology:

“Positive organizational psychology is the scientific study of positive subjective experiences and traits in the workplace and positive organizations, and its application to improve the effectiveness and quality of life in organizations.”

However, they also offer Cameron & Caza’s (2004) definition as well, which is more concise and gives better insight into how positive psychology works in an organization but also for individuals:

“The study of that which is positive, flourishing, and life-giving in organizations.”

Positive Organizational Psychology Characteristics

  1. Job Autonomy through empowerment and self-leadership
  2. Social Support through positive relationships and effective communication
  3. Reasonable job demands and resources

How do you feel these characteristics appear in your organization? In your role?

Applying Positive Psychology in Life and in the Workplace

How can you help apply positive psychology in your life?

  1. Adopt a growth mindset – Are you open to change? To improvement? Do you ever say ‘I am who I am?’ or ‘it is what it is?’ These are fixed mindset views. Change starts with you!
  2. Appreciative Inquiry – Focus on doing what is right. Create an imagined future for your and your work that includes joy and positivity and work towards that

How can you help apply positive psychology at work?

  1. Team Building – Encourage others toward a growth mindset, help refocus the purpose, work on improving communication and building trust, and create an environment of safety for all to speak their differences and learn to appreciate what conflict can do for growth
  2. Encourage Strength Use – Employees who use their strengths are less strained and more empowered, so encouraging strength use will lead to happier team members and potentially more efficient productivity
  3. Develop Employee Resilience – Communicate, learn from one another, support one another, develop a positive work culture within your team, debrief on successes and failures


Self-Care, as we have learned throughout this blog series, is incredibly important but especially critical for overworked and overwhelmed health care professionals. It is important to take time to celebrate yourself, relax, lower your stress level, and focus on your own health. Today’s blog also shows the importance of looking ahead and figuring out how to improve things in the future so you aren’t continuously overwhelmed, if at all possible. Growth is critical to your health and your wellbeing. Grow and let yourself relax and engage in self-care. Grow and let yourself celebrate the small things and work on being more positive. Grow and work on incorporating positive psychology into your life and your work with your team. You are heroes! And we are thankful for you!

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