Summertime Success! Day 1

The sun is out, temperatures are warm, we’re all able to start feeling the sweet summertime excitement! Plans for vacations, bonfires, boating adventures, no school for the kids, and those lazy summer days are in the works! But, we don’t want those lazy days of summer to be reflected in our productivity, do we?! No! We want summertime success!

So, for the next two weeks, we are going to focus on specific areas and topics that can help you grow your knowledge of Evidence-Based Health Coaching and increase your productivity!

First, please start by reading our most recent blog written by NSHC Co-Founder Melinda Huffman, BSN, MSN, CCNS, CHC here: As a Health Coach, What Should My Average Caseload Be?  

We will be focusing on the seven key factors discussed in that blog, with little diversions here and there, for this summer blog series.

Today, let’s dig deeper into the first factor: Delivery. As mentioned in the recent Caseload blog, millennials often prefer virtual and written communication styles versus traditional. While these types of non-traditional encounters offer convenience, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, there are also some drawbacks, such as not being able to read body language and there is an increased risk of miscommunication, especially with written conversations.

With these non-traditional methods, you may be able to reach a wider range of patients, due to the lack of a physical presence requirement, however, you are also limiting your services to those who are technologically savvy, or you are risking longer appointment times if it is necessary to troubleshoot technological issues with the patient in order to begin the session.

Have you tried any of these non-traditional methods with your patients? Let us know your experience in the comments or on Facebook!

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