Summertime Success! Day 11

Before you read this latest blog post, please start by reading our most recent blog written by NSHC Co-Founder Melinda Huffman, BSN, MSN, CCNS, CHC here: As a Health Coach, What Should My Average Caseload Be?  

We will be focusing on the seven key factors discussed in that blog, with little diversions here and there, for this summer blog series!

Today, let’s dig deeper into the fifth and sixth factors, specifically certain wellness and prevention topics. When we talk about who needs health coaching and how many health coaches are needed, the key is to understanding what scenarios are especially effective with health coaching.  Today we will specifically give some pointers about eating right and health coaching.

What are some quick and easy dietary changes that can be made AND will make a big difference? Take a look!

  • Make half your plate fruits and vegetables – and eat a variety especially dark green, red and orange types!
  • Make at least half of your grans whole (if not gluten intolerant) – check ingredients on food packages!
  • Switch to fat-free or low-fat milk – use calcium-fortified soy milk if there is an intolerance!
  • Vary your protein choices – variety, variety, variety! Make sure fish and seafood are eaten twice a week!
  • Cut back on sodium and empty calories – Drink water, season with spices (not salt), and check packages for hidden sugars!


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