Summertime Success! Day 14

Before you read this latest blog post, please start by reading our most recent blog written by NSHC Co-Founder Melinda Huffman, BSN, MSN, CCNS, CHC here: As a Health Coach, What Should My Average Caseload Be?  

We will be focusing on the seven key factors discussed in that blog, with little diversions here and there, for this summer blog series!

For the final day of our series, let’s focus on the seventh factor, specifically how to grow your business by integrating Health Coaching into the workplace. You have probably considered adding Health Coaching services or techniques into your office or practice, but what about offering your services to other businesses? The addition of health coaching services can enhance the value of existing benefits and the health benefits can offer other benefits to the company and its employees. So, how do you do this? Here’s some tips!

  • Gain executive/managerial support
  • Conduct employee survey to determine interest; periodic input obtained thereafter for revision of services
  • Have qualified health coaches provide the service; determine coaching caseloads
  • Determine how employees will access service (by their request, health risk assessment, by condition, by claims, other)
  • Ensure convenient access for employees
  • Determine if employee’s dependents will have access
  • Determine what hours health coaching services will be available
  • Identify the methods of health coaching delivery you will use, i.e., on-site, telephonic, Internet video calling, email, texting, and peer coaching
  • Develop an informational campaign about the service for start-up
  • Identify the health coaching outcomes to measure, aggregate, and trend for performance improvement
  • Prepare an annual evaluation for the leadership team

We hope this Summertime Success series has given you some information you can use to develop your health coaching services and grow your business!


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