Summertime Success! Day 4

Before you read this latest blog post, please start by reading our most recent blog written by NSHC Co-Founder Melinda Huffman, BSN, MSN, CCNS, CHC here: As a Health Coach, What Should My Average Caseload Be?  

We will be focusing on the seven key factors discussed in that blog, with little diversions here and there, for this summer blog series.!

Today, let’s dig deeper into the first factor: Delivery, specifically telephonic health coaching. We discussed some ways to enhance your telephonic health coaching experience in yesterday’s blog. And, in the blog the day before, we mentioned the need to incorporate outcome measures to validate your program’s impact. So, now that you know how to really make your telephonic health coaching program successful, let’s talk today about some outcomes you should be measuring.

  1. The number of phone appointments kept. The number set is irrelevant if your clients don’t answer the phone when you call. Keep track of the number of appointments are actually completed in their entirety.
  2. Satisfaction (from coach and client) with phone encounters. Coaches should keep a record of the successes and challenges they experience and have a rating system for each appointment to determine how successful they deem the encounter. There should be a similar rating system created for clients. This can be delivered in a variety of ways after the call has taken place, but the sooner after the call, the better.
  3. Improvement in symptoms, weight, exercise, diet, smoking cessation, stress etc. Coaches need to keep an ongoing record of telephonic patient improvement based on metrics set with that patient during their course of treatment. Those successes are the ones that really matter after all!
  4. Confidence level of patient to reach his or her goals. We at NSHC offer a Confidence Ruler for you to use as part of our course to make this particular metric even easier to measure!

What successes have you seen while doing telephonic health coaching with your patients? Let us know your experience in the comments or on Facebook!

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