Summertime Success! Day 5

Before you read this latest blog post, please start by reading our most recent blog written by NSHC Co-Founder Melinda Huffman, BSN, MSN, CCNS, CHC here: As a Health Coach, What Should My Average Caseload Be?  

We will be focusing on the seven key factors discussed in that blog, with little diversions here and there, for this summer blog series!

Today, let’s dig deeper into the first three factors, specifically regarding patient goal setting for your appointments. We discussed some ways to incorporate outcome measures for your telephonic health coaching program in yesterday’s blog. So, you know how to measure the impact of your overall program, but setting goals with your patients is equally important. These patient goals will keep their treatment on track AND they double as a way of also tracking the success of your program. If goals aren’t being met, changes need to be made. If goals are being met and exceeded, then you know you’re doing well!

So, how do you set effective, reasonable goals?


S – Specific: State exactly what the client wants to achieve

M – Measurable: Gauge what is accomplished

A – Agreed Upon: Confirm the client’s willingness and ability to work toward the goal(s)

R – Realistic: Guide the client to select goals that are safe and obtainable given his/her health and condition

T – Time-Sensitive: Establish a reasonable and specific time-frame to have reached the goal

A – Accountable: Discuss the roles and responsibilities for both the provider and the client and hold each other accountable!

How do you handle goal setting with your patients? Let us know your experience in the comments or on Facebook!

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