The Effects of a Pandemic on Our Health: Introduction

As we approach the 18-month mark of living in a COVD-19 world, the effects of living during a pandemic are really beginning to show. The most obvious scenario is life before having COVID versus after, for those who contracted the virus and made it through. But, we are more interested in the less obvious topics.

People joke about the “COVID 15,” meaning the amount of weight gained during lockdown, but weight gain and diet are just one lesser known effect of existing during this pandemic. So, we will consider this topic as well as others like exercise, mental health, mask wearing, and more over the next few days.

We will look at some of the myths and compare them to research that has been done. We will think outside the box and provide you with resources to potentially share with patients as you help them navigate our “new normal” as restrictions are lifted and people have begun to return to pre-COVID activities.

If you have any specific topics you would like us to include, please let us know! Otherwise, come back tomorrow to see which topic we are tackling!

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