Traditional Health Teaching is Out… Evidence-Based Health Coaching is In! Part 1

What is Evidence-Based Health Coaching?

Skillful conversation and clinical interventions used to actively and safely engage patients in self-management of health conditions and health behavior change, with the goal to improve health, lower health risk and reduce overall costs.

What Evidence-Based Health Coaching is NOT…

  • Counseling
  • Directing
  • Managing

Why has Evidence-Based Health Coaching Emerged?

  • Traditional methods are not as effective as they could be
  • Health Coaching engages the patient AND his/her family
  • It improves outcomes

How does Evidence-Based Health Coaching Differ?

  • Guiding/Facilitating
    • Actively Listens
    • Empowers
    • Non-Judgemental
    • Addresses Patient Concerns


  • Directing/Managing
    • Gives Advice
    • Diagnosis-Driven
    • Provider “Does the Talking”
    • Based on Provider’s Agenda

Want to know more? Come back next week for Part 2!

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