Winter Blues – Tobacco Cessation

Still smoking or have loved ones or patients who are? Chances are, the cold, dreary months of winter are not the time you truly consider quitting. Unless, of course, you are good about New Year’s Resolutions!

But, any day is a great day to quit smoking, and think about how much better you will feel and how much money you will have saved by the time spring rolls around if you quit now!

That doesn’t mean that we think it will be easy. In fact, despite the CDC and the American Cancer Society estimating an average of between 8 and 11 attempts to quit before success, respectively, a study done in 2016 suggests the average is much higher. The University of Toronto determined the average may be as high as 30 attempts before success (Krans)! But, what is the reward at the end of all of those attempts?

Aside from the obvious financial benefits and reducing your risk of developing many smoking-related diseases, your respiratory function will improve rapidly! Also, if you are quitting because you are pregnant, you are greatly reducing your risk of having a low birth weight baby (CDC).

So, how can you reduce stress if you are ending your nicotine dependence and reducing your alcohol consumption? Take a look at our next blog tomorrow!


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