Winter Blues – Weight Gain

According to an article on (Gagnon, 2018), the following are the 20 reasons we gain weight in the winter:

  1. Too much sleep
  2. Colder weather – fewer outdoor activities!
  3. Seasonal Affective Disorder
  4. Holiday meals
  5. Comfort foods
  6. Holiday drinking
  7. Holiday office treats
  8. Specialty coffee drinks
  9. Fido gets less fresh air
  10. Evolution
  11. Sugar is everywhere!
  12. You’re already overweight
  13. You’re extra groggy
  14. Metabolism increases
  15. Less fresh produce
  16. You’re bundled up
  17. Dinner dates
  18. Holiday spiced and flavored foods
  19. Increased salt intake
  20. Missed meals

Notice any trends? #3 seems to be extremely relevant to so many of the other items on the list! We’re groggy, but sleeping extra, we’re not doing things outside, we’re celebrating the holidays with friends and family, and those darn Pumpkin Spiced Lattes! And the fact that evolution is working against us, thanks to food being scarce for our ancestors, makes this seasonal weight gain even more difficult to overcome!

The key is to recognize how SAD might be affecting you, avoiding some of the items on the list, and counteracting others! What types of outdoor activities can you do outside even when it’s cold? Are there healthier recipes you can substitute when celebrating the holidays? Can you limit your Starbucks intake when those PSLs make their way to the stores?! Every little bit helps! And, not gaining weight over the winter can help counteract SAD, keeping you healthier and happier overall throughout the winter months!


Gagnon, T. (2018). 20 Reasons We Tend to Gain More Weight in the Winter.

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