Youth Wellness & Back to School: Happy & Healthy Children


As we approach that time of year here in the United States when kids are headed back to school, we feel it is an appropriate time to look at the wellness of our children and issues affecting them. How can we help them be happy and healthy? Over the next two weeks, we will look at several aspects of youth wellness and how we can support them in becoming and staying their happiest, healthiest selves!

Tuesday through Friday of this week, this series will focus on some physical health aspects of youth wellness including nutrition, physical fitness, screen time, and COVID-19.

Beginning next week, this blog series will focus on some mental health aspects of youth wellness, starting with quarantine/social distancing, and continuing on with social media and the internet, and bullying. We will also look at pregnancy and childbirth concepts before wrapping up this series next Friday.

Hopefully this blog will help you with your own children, help you with young patients, and/or help you help patients who are parents!

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And, come back tomorrow for the first full blog of the series focused on youth nutrition!

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